The cubicle jungle, with a super hero twist.

Brian Ennui

Brian went to school, got a degree in something he realized he would never use, and got a job. He's been working at OMR Industries for more years than he wants to admit, and doesn't know if he'll ever leave. Despite the nature of his office, he's bored beyond belief, apathic about life, and there isn't anything that suprises him anymore. He's the centerpiece of INANE LOGIC. He knows his way around the office, and leads both the reader and new characters through its world. Back to the Cast Page
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New father. Newly married. My interests listed are what makes up the bulk of my free time. I wrangle a full time job, being a husband, a father to four girls, the need to create at odd hours of the night, fueled with copious amounts of caffeine, and the wi ... full profile