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Nathaniel Lee

AKA: N8, Nat, N8 Dawg
Nationality: Chinese
Likes: video games, drawing, cartoons, comic books, punk/ska, wrestling, Japanese girls
Dislikes: country music, his computer, ignorance
Clothing style: not-quite-skater boy

N8 (closer friends call him Nat) is not your average ordinary Asian-American male teen. He's a walking contradiction of sorts - bold yet shy, intelligent yet stupid, crazy yet sane, a simple guy with a complicated mind. He's driven by his passions which include drawing, comic books, and punk rock and happy hardcore/techno, which may account for his oft hyper nature. he's generally optimistic, but when he's down, you can really tell. having absorbed the languages of many different cultures, he tends to use random foreign words. N8 can be pretty moody too. It must be the artist within him. At times he's all crazy and hyper, and hours later will be down in the dumps. Despite all this, it is difficult to break his spirit. Back to the Cast Page
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