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updated no more :.(

Emo has come to a close. the first comic was created November 14, 2002, and the last one was finished tonight. i think it's pretty short as far as webcomics go with a total of 120 comics. i never planned for it to go on and on anyway. if it did, it never would've caught up with present-day me. Annie is still active and has a lot more comics than Emo does. i can set my focus on that comic now, just like the old-school days, and i have many things planned. however, Emo isn't completely dead. i plan on relaunching it under a different name in the future. whether that is a distant or near one, i've no idea. one thing that bugs me is how it took me 4+ hours just to draw the comic, and it probably took the average visitor about 10 seconds to read it. ah well, making it is most of the fun, so whether anyone takes the time to appreciate it or not doesn't bother me as much.

working on Emo has helped me to develop my writing and art. when comparing the first strip to the last one, the latest looks tighter and cleaner. good times. well, onto bigger and better things. these better things must be pretty good 'cause working on Emo was awesomeness. if you've enjoyed it, thanks for reading. my goal in life is to make other people smile with the stuff i do. if you don't like it, then.... uh, i dunno. read my other comics?

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