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Twice a week (hopefully!)

If you find the comic confusing, don't take it literally because it's meant to be allegorical. When it comes to Hollywood, Asians, particularly us Asian males, don't get the same kind of representation as other ethnicities. Asian males have mostly been limited to the roles of martial artists or bad guys. Bruce Lee's success was a double-edged sword because while he established a strong, positive Asian presence in the film world which didn't exist before he came on the scene, many Asian males who followed him were seen as nothing more than chop-socky guys. For whatever reason, American culture has trouble seeing us in a different light. Does it find Eastern cultures way too different for it? Recently with movies like Harold & Kumar and actors such as Daniel Dae Kim, the industry is taking steps in the right direction, but I think it's gonna be a while before us yellow folk reach the same status as Johnny Depp and Denzel.

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