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The 411: Welcome to Club Ph34r (club as in "dancing-type club" rather than "chess club"). This is a website that hosts various webcomics created by DBv1 & N8 Dawg. Originally hosted on Keenspace, Annie (formerly known as Annie the Hardcore Gamer) was created by N8 Dawg and was the first comic of the lot to appear online. N8's other two comics, Emo and Project Jae, had a few comics but no site dedicated to them, so they were never really featured untill the creation of Club Ph34r sometime in late 2002, going live in early 2003. It was around that time that 24/7 was created and had it's first run which was later scrapped after 1 chapter and changed to the version you see now.

Founding Fathers:


Finally! The Charismatic Enigma of the web comic world, DBv1 the former undisputed Keenspace Heavyweight Champion, has come home to the WCN. Stolen gimmicks and catch phrases aside, with more ideas than time on hand, be prepared for lot new things here on (cheap pop!) Artistic influences include Adam Warren, Joe Mad, Jeff Scott Campbell, Humberto Ramos, Carlo Barberi, and Frank Cho.

N8 profile

Nat "N8 Dawg" Lee

The sarcasm of Jerry Seinfeld, the angst of George Costanza, and oddity of Cosmo Kramer, all rolled into one neat little 5'4" package. A walking contradiction who's incredibly pessimistic half of the time, disgustingly optimistic the other times. Hails from the greatest city on Earth and Mars: San Francisco, California. Artistic influences include Jhonen Vasquez, Jim Mahfood, and the video game series Jet Set Radio, while written ones include Jhonen Vasquez, Bill Amend, and Jeff Smith.

contact: n8ball (at)