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Suzana is just some girl who occasionally goes by the name Coral, just because she likes that name more.  She has a short attention span and spends a lot of time between drawing and playing World of Warcraft, when she's not working or enjoying the company of people without a screen.

Now that I'm done talking about myself in the third person... my deviantArt gallery usually contains extras and other random art, and is a great way to contact me.  Though if you'd like to see my sketches, you can find my sketch journal here.  Both contain things not found on the other, it's all just a matter of preference!

My girlfriend and I have been working on the story of Milo and Liam for a few years and are compiling it into a story for Tripping Over You.  We have literally years worth of material to work with.  You can find a lot of images featuring the both of them as well as other characters in their story on my deviantArt gallery and sketch journal (linked above).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations!

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