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Jovian Luck



Goes only by 'Trip'. A cocky, failed con-man who's survival can be attributed to his "dumb luck and good looks". He currently owns a ship due to this luck, and is the mastermind behind the infamous Galileo Heist. ... more
William "Bull" Isley is the sarcastic pilot and mechanic on the Jovian Luck. Keeping it running is easy enough, but with flying he's learning as he goes. ... more
Named for his obsession with watches and gauges, he is a greaseman hired specifically for the job. Despite his training as a ferret on Io, he's as paranoid as they come. ... more
She's attempting to close a deal under this assumed name that will let her start over in the Jupiter system, that is, until she meets the guys. ... more
Trip's banshee of an ex-girlfriend, who just so happens to be sleeping with the facility security chief. ... more
Chief of Security
The Medicean Corporation owes it's reign of the Jupiter System to one ruthless man. ... more
Kyle Sanders ||   

Struggling with an overactive imagination. ... full profile