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Kyle Sanders ||   

Well my semi-professional cartooning career began at drawing for a monthly issue of satirical Academy-based cartoons. I received a warm welcome, and people liked the work. However, I didn't like being constrained to one small community, I wanted my cartoons to be more universally applicable, so I created and the college webcomic STANDARD DEVIATION. About the same time I also finished "Falcon Love: The movie" It was a song that satired relationships at military academies, and within a day of it being released as a fully animated flash movie, it had over 10000 downloads. I think to date (April 2008) its at over 80k views on newgrounds alone. This was probably my proudest achievement as a cartoonist. In late 2007 I began working on my newest ambition of producing a full scale sci-fi comic. My first attempt wasted an immeasurable amount of time and effort, and killed all my motivation for my other creative pursuits. Now, however, I'm back on my game and working hard on Jovian Luck, and trying to get back into the comedy as well.