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Twice a week

1 Jan 06

I decided to start fresh going into the new semester and clean the slate. This is the first of my new style, which I imagine I will be sticking with for a long time. I still need to update the character sheets and some other pages. Alot of other supporting characters will be making appearances, usually the brunt of some joke. These are the main characters as you can guess. Brad, Josh, and the dog Ruddy. Let me know how you guys like the new comics!

And now for A big announcement...I was recently asked by the band Punchline to make a flash video for a song on their upcoming album titled "37 Everywhere" which will be released in April. Hopefully the flash will be done by then too. I met them personally at a show in Denver with Halifax, The Fully Down, and I am the Avalanche. It was a great show and the smallest venue I've ever been to. Talking to them later online I showed them the falcon love song and they told me thats exactly what they wanted to do. Pics from the show coming soon. But I'm stoked about this and you should be too!


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