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Twice a week

17 Jan 06

New strip and new features! I hope you'll notice some new links at the top and bottom (if they work). The first two are for two webcomic list sites which rates webcomics, so make sure you click on there and add your vote for STANDARD DEVIATION. Also there is a link to myspace and a mailing list for updates and news about the comic. If you want on the mailing list you could just send me an email as well. At the bottom are two other links to, the underground academy site that gave me my start and to the band Punchline who i'm currently making a flash video for. I've also added a few of the original strips to the sketches page.

The new semester is going to be a rough one, and I'm already three classes behind. I would start doing some promoting of the site now that it looks okay but I don't have the time right now. So get the word out to your friends, paste it to everyone on your buddy list, poke somebody on facebook, whatever you have to do. Oh and if any of you have a story or joke you want to see in a strip, send it in. Later!


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