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27 Jan 06

NEW DOMAIN! We are now officially WWW.CODEREDCOMICS.COM. Make the necissary favorites and bookmark adjustments! (Don't worry though, the old one still works)

And for everyone who wonders where this pen name originated, Here is the history: My group of friends back in highschool was pretty close. We threw alot of hottub and lake parties and had a great time. Unfortunately, cockblockery was afoot. Measures had to be taken to better their odds, and the Code was created. Code Red was the most important, and meant "Dude, you're seriously cockblocking me." To use it, one simply had to drop it into a conversation. There was also Code Yellow ("Cockblocking imminent... i was talking to her first") and Code Blue ("Go for it, thats all you"). All with accompanying hand signals. I know, we were so cool back then. Anyways, when I had to choose a pen name for edodo, Code Red seemed obvious. There you go.  Hence today's comic.

Merch is coming soon! As soon as I work out some detials you will be able to get your stuff at It will be awesome. I'm also thinking about giving discounts to those on the mailing list, so you might want to join!

Again, spread the word, vote, and never feed them after midnight. Later!


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