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Twice a week
31 Jan 06

Finally got this one done. I wanted to incorporate my awesome weekend of snowboarding in there somehow. It was great, we won the Annual Snowfest Cardboard Derby's award for Best Crash. Think: four half naked guys in a cardboard bathtub that we built in 40 minutes, in ten degree weather, without a steering or braking system, intentionally crash landing to stop on the target. It was the coldest i've ever been in my life, even after the times I've jumped in a frozen lake. It snowed that night so there was a lot of fresh powder ready for me in the morning. And I'm still exhausted. Definately a successful weekend.

Also, don't forget that we have a new domain:

I'm trying to get some merchandise made, however due to my legal limitations I don't think I'll be able to make any money off the site (military reasons). So my plan right now is to sell everything at base price so that I make no profit, and the merch is cheaper for everyone. Sound like a good idea? Thats about it, have a good one kids.


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