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4 July 07

And now for the first big announcement along with the new season. Those of you who have read the eDodo will remember WET, the pen name of the outrageous and hilarious cartoonist otherwise known as James Wentzel. Well James has decided to come out of comedic retirement and contribute to STANDARD DEVIATION regularly with the addition of his own characters! If you havn't seen his work before, you're in for a suprise, and there will be plenty of great material coming your way from both of us. Be sure to tell a friend!

I'm really excited about this year. There is alot in store for you. I'll save the other two announcements until those projects are off the ground, but until then we're back online and updating twice a week as usual! 

We need your help in getting this new season into full swing. For questions on how you can help, feedback, or quotes and ideas, send an email to coderedcartoonist at gmail dot com. Check back Tuesday!!


-Kyle Sanders and James Wentzel

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