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Twice a week

6 Dec 07

I don't think I have to say it but yes, this is a true story. I practically screamed when she unveiled that hairy death bringer. There was a whole flock of impressionable children around too, and their parents, who all shot me very evil threats. I quickly apologized to the group, then a father leaned in next to me and said "I'm with you, man." 

 Yes! We're back online. Please, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Post this on facebook, put up an away message, maybe even click on a vote button above. Thanks for your support as always, and it was due to your incessant whining that I decided to bring the strip back earlier than planned.

Things are busy, with finals looming behind my 2.2 semester GPA like an executioner. I'll provide more updates later, Ave's game this weekend and snowboarding! Oh, also, send in your funny quotes and pictures to coderedcartoonist at gmail dot com! Later!


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