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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

In honor of the Oscar Week, Settern suggested that I do comics of all the Best Picture nominees. And that's what I'm going to do. I'll be updating every day from Tuesday the 26th through Saturday the 30th, so check back.

 Bonus comic for y'all.  This was fun.

 Regular programming come Monday.  See you then.

 Oh yeah, this movie was awesome. 

Meredith Ryan (meredith) says: I would be better at math if Clint Eastwood was teaching me. And thank you! This is the best birthday ever!
Meredith Ryan (meredith) says: Eee! I await with the suspense that only Enrico Morricone can convey.
Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says: Omg, this one is amazing.  Love.  Want poster.
Ren Caldwell (settern) says:

If you like Ionesco, try the german short play "Vat of Blood."  It's existential enough to make your fingernails crawl (and I'm somehow involved in putting it up this spring).    

Hip hip hooray for jumping on the avant-garde theatrical bandwagon!   

Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says:

Can you do Artaud's "The Cenci?"  That has always been one of my favorites. 

And how about avant-garde theatrical commentary?  I think there is a lot of academic work that would be a great mine for new comics.

h (boxbrown) says: March of the Falsettos
Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says: I love you.
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