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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

suggested by Vernon.

It took me a long time to come to this realization, but I have found a new calling. It is not enough to parody cinema. There are already way too many comics that do that. From now on, I want to parody the highest form of intellilectual...intellelectual...the highest form of thinking art. A medium that only those who use 19% of their brain will enjoy.

The brilliance of the existential.

I have spent many days gathering my library of avant-garde plays. And, if I update three days a week, I will have enough fodder for two weeks and some change. So I look to you, dear reader. Find me some plays. I can only find so much when I google "avant-garde." Wikipedia isn't helping. It's up to you!

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Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says: Hahaha I can totally never remember them all.
Dave Smith (dasmith11) says: haha awesome thanks mike!
Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says: I like how the beard shrinks.
h (boxbrown) says: they should just change the name of that movie to "3 Boobed Girl"
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