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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Day one of Oscar Week Wrapup!  Today's comic: Juno.

In honor of the Oscar Week, Settern suggested that I do comics of all the Best Picture nominees. And that's what I'm going to do. I'll be updating every day from Tuesday the 26th through Saturday the 30th, so check back.

We start the Oscar "recap" with Juno, which coincidentally was also suggested by Shannon Frances. My personal "affection" for Juno was similar to my Garden state of mind: the first viewing I thought it was cute and from then on out it was diminishing returns. Now I'm utterly frustrated by it's weaknesses which everyone seems to praise. It is hard for me to rally behind the creative dialogue because I do not find the dialogue creative. I found the story/plot of the aforementioned to be something I've seen before and will see again; the typical high school "dramedy" updated to include Hamburger phones.

There were two things I loved about Juno. One was Allison Janney's character and the other being Jason Bateman's. Finally, FINALLY, I was able to see a stepmother presented in a way that didn't make me want to gouge out my sockets. And the Jason Bateman sideplot was so fascinating and subtle that I picked up other details upon second and third viewings. In short, I was sorry I had to see the rest of the film a second and third time.

The actual Oscar proceedings were run-of-the-mill; can we really think back to a time when you'd watch the Oscars, turn to the person next to you and shriek "WOW!!!" I certainly can't.

More tomorrow. And I promise you there will be blood.

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