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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Day two of Oscar Week Wrapup!  Today's comic: There Will Be Blood.

In honor of the Oscar Week, Settern suggested that I do comics of all the Best Picture nominees. And that's what I'm going to do. I'll be updating every day from Tuesday the 26th through Saturday the 30th, so check back.

I updated yesterday with a bonus comic for your sweet self.  Please to enjoy.

Shannon Frances., my lovely female companion, scored the screener for There Will Be Blood through work.  Hence why we are watching this movie on my stained white couch.  No fear - the television was high definition and our love for the film was not impaired by the lack of stadium seating.

This movie mostly left me speechless.  Physically devoid of speech.  No words uttered once credits rolled.  This movie is GOOD.  Better than good.  But it's difficult.  Not difficult to watch but difficult to digest.  It's not quite any other movie I've seen before (Citizen Kane?) and I don't think I will forget it for a long time.  And while I liked No Country for Old Men more, I regard this film as the stronger work.  It is rich with milkshake.  Dammit PT Anderson!

Check back tomorrow, being Thursday, being a date I don't usually update on.  What will the comic be?  Perhaps the sound of a typewriter will soothe the spirits...

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