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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Day Three of Oscar Week Wrapup!  Today's comic: Atonement.

In honor of the Oscar Week, Settern suggested that I do comics of all the Best Picture nominees. And that's what I'm going to do. I'll be updating every day from Tuesday the 26th through Saturday the 30th, so check back.

I'm watching that tracking shot in the third panel, by the way.

Was it just me or was Atonement as "paint-by-numbers" as you can get for an Oscar "worthy" movie?  It did almost everything right!  Except win.  Swish.

With each passing day I realize that talking about the Oscars is becoming a benign THING; nobody really cares. What is done is done. It was also interesting to find out that this past telecast is the least watched Oscars ceremony EVER, which begs to question if the Oscars in of itself is benign. Or maybe I'm just itching to use the word "benign."

The event was of no surprise or consequence to me. I was invited to a few Oscar parties and while the invites were welcome, I found myself thinking "Who cares? I was going to get some work done while the event was on, glad to have some white noise in the background while I worked on comics." Though sickness impeded my social agenda, I still found the actual act of watching said ceremony to be just something to do instead of a must-watch evening. American Idol has taken that pedestal...Don't judge me!

There is no question that the Oscars is in need of fine tuning but to what end? The awards are given for the industry by the industry and anything inbetween the annoucement of one winner to the next is truly benefitting the curious movie-goer - did your favorite film win? In actuality the list of winners SHOULD be done in the same way the nominees are announced: sans glitz and glammor. The red carpet event was more lively than the feature presentation, something that is truly depressing.

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