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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Day Four of Oscar Week Wrapup!  Today's comic: Michael Clayton.

In honor of the Oscar Week, Settern suggested that I do comics of all the Best Picture nominees. And that's what I'm going to do. I'll be updating every day from Tuesday the 26th through Saturday the 30th, so check back.

Have you seen I'm Not There?  Why haven't you!?

Tilda Swinton, who acted in the aforementioned movie, won best supporting actress over Cate Blanchett.  While I have not seen Michael Clayton (though I am positive that the first three panels are pretty accurate as how the movie starts), I am told her performance deserved such an award.  I'm only going off what I see and I sees I'm Not There.

I was crestfallen to see how few awards I'm Not There was nominated for.  Destroyed, even.  At the first screening, I was confused but mesmerized: everything felt purposeful and deliberate but threw me off at every turn.  I did not know anything about Bob Dylan's life.  After watching two (count 'm, two) documentaries about the artist, I came to realize how complicated and purposeful the biopic was.  It was less about his actual life, a bullet list of women and significant events, but more about the man as an idea.  And that intrigued me.

Why it wasn't at least nominated for original screenplay is beyond me.

 Check up on the comic tomorrow.  No Country! 

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