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suggested by huah

Would it surprise you to learn that The Royal Tenenbaums is actually my least favorite Wes Anderson movie?  That's right!

Well, it actually ties with Bottle Rocket.  And I use "least favorite" in every sense of that phrase - Tenenbaums is a great movie, but I really dig his other stuff more.

Rushmore is one of my all-time favorite movies, one of three.  Then it's The Darjeeling Limited, followed by Life Aquatic then the aforementioned two way tie.  They are all fabulous, but Rushmore and Darjeeling take the top because of how personal they feel.  There is a lot of humanity in those films and that scores points with me.  The Life Aquatic is almost like one big character satire and the level of which it traverse is impressive as it is hilarious.  And as I said before, The Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket are good, nay, great.  I wish more movies were made at that level.

This past weekend I caught Be Kind Rewind which was not what I was expecting.  Essentially it is not so much about remaking those movies but more about the community that enjoys films for what films are/used to be.  I still enjoyed it.

We also watched 300 on DVD but with a lemon twist - we purchased a RiffTrax to go along with it. Remember MST3K?  They're back! In pod form! You can purchase an mp3 to sync with your favorite Hollywood movie!  I recommend.

And in similar news, I found out that they are FINALLY releasing MST3K the Movie on DVD and my heart is now lifted.  I no longer see sadness.  I only see the bright light of May 13th. 

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