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Do you know what the most dangerous game is?


suggested by Brian Carroll.

I just finished listening to Stephen King's The Shining and it is pretty different compared to the film.  From what I remember, the Stanley Kubrick version was more about Jack Torrance (Nicholson) going crazy whereas in the book, the Hotel is the one pulling the strings.  There is also a lot of talk about what the Shining is and you get a better idea of how this psychic power is used.  If I'm correct I think the characters from Hearts in Atlantis are related in some way.  One of my favorite things about how King writes is how almost every book is related to another in some way with the Dark Tower at its center.  Anyway, I endorse this book though I may be biased; Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.   I'm already making my way through Lisey's Story while I drive to and from work.  

I'm presenting an award for the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards tomorrow. Best Dramatic Comic is my category. It goes up, as I said a sentence ago, the day after today.

See you all on Monday! Keep emailing in those movie titles.

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