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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
They only met once, but it changed their lives forever...

suggested by Shannon Frances.

I'm not ashamed that I watch American Idol religiously this season. It has captured me with it's claws and teeth and I am mutilated. Goddamn, David Archuleta can sing.

This weekend was graced with my girlfriend's family and it was quite excellent; we ate well and laughed plenty. In the lull of Sunday I decided to put some coin towards a brawl: a super one with brothers. It is smashing. You wanna challenge me? I'll throw my friend code up here and we can duke it out. I warn you though, I can kick some serious tuckus with King Dedede.

Two things related to the comic:

One! I updated on Saturday with a comic about Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hit the good ol' previous button to enjoy.

Two! I was lucky enough to present Best Dramatic Comic over at the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards. You can check out the comic over here if you are curious; Congratulations to all the winners! Richly deserved in every category!

See you all on Wednesday.

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