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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
The winner is...TODD!

suggested by Shannon. Because this really happened.

I actually did a pretty good job for someone who has never cut hair before! 

The more I watch (or listen) to Sweeney Todd, the more I dig it. I didn't really like the first time, but it has grown on me as days passed. We (Shan and I) have been singing "The Contest" to each other for the past few weeks.

In other movie related news, we braved "Horton Hears a Who!" last night. It was playing at a theater where I had gift tickets and decided if we were going to see it, we'd see it for free. And we were pleasantly surprised. There is so much charm and charisma to the movie that it overshadowed the problems I had with it, namely Jim Carrey's over acting in places, the occasional pop-culture references and the needless reference to REO Speedwagon. This is the way Dr. Seuss belongs on film - they nailed the look and feel and overall fantasy of it. From an animation nerd's point of view, there is so much exaggeration that watching it alone was enough. I could have turned the sound off and loved it.

Once again, not perfect, but I dug it all the same.

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