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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
There can be no understanding between the hands and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator...

suggested by Brian Carroll.

I haven't seen the anime remake, but the original German Metropolis is something to see. A Silent black and white film that is breath-taking and brilliant. And Hitler's favorite film to boot!

That is me talking to Brian, btw. I should really make a character page for some of these "recurring characters."

I have two one dollar bills in my hand right now.  They are money I made off selling a minicomic at the comic book store around the corner.  They will not be recirculated!

Let me back up a bit.  In January Zero Eight I started working on a minicomic (my first!) called Love Lines #1, under the assumption I'd get around to Love Lines #2.  I have yet to.  LL#1 were just true stories from my past - some of my first forays into relationships and how they were botched, mostly because I was very young.  It wasn't a comic because there were no panels; there was a story to be sure but there was at least one or two drawings per page instead of something like six to eight.  Regardless, I did it, I printed it myself and it was awesome.

After putting a few of the comics on etsy, I brought the comic over to the comic shop around the corner (where I occasionally frequent) and they decided to sell it on consignment.  Meaning they sell it for 4 bucks and I get 2 bucks.  Anyway, for months they didn't sell and that was fine; I didn't expect a comic by a nobody to sell at all.  It was up there at least.  So I went in last night to pick up the latest Angel, Buffy and Serenity comics (because I am a Whedon NERD) and, for old time's sake, stopped to see how my comics were doing.

One was sold.

HA! I made two bucks! Which I used off my purchase.  But I kept two singles (my change) to signify the large step in my life.  Then I watched American Idol.

Biggest news of the day so far? Michael Cera in talks to play Scott Pilgrim in Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim

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