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Stock Footage

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Let's go to work.

suggested by Jessi.

So I've had a pretty rough weekend.  My car needed an oil change and when I brought it in, I told them that I had heard a horrible scratching noise while I drove.  I figured something was stuck under the car or something.  Anyway, they called me later that day with a laundry list of problems.  

It'll cost me over three thousand dollars to fix.

My absolutely wonderful parents are helping me out and I intend to pay them back in full but even with my savings there is no way I can cover the entire sum.

In January I put up a mini-comic I did called "Love Lines #1" on Etsy.  The item on the site expires in less than a month and I have seventeen left.  If you are interested in purchasing one I would sincerely appreciate it.  They're only two dollars (three with shipping) and I could seriously use the money.

Love Lines (#1) are true stories about my first relationships. It's around sixteen pages plus.

I have also finished up my second mini-comic called "Audubon."  This is an original twenty-page story and the art for it is complete.

Here is the cover (still needs to be colored and titled) and the first four pages.(1, 2, 3 and 4.) These are not final scans, I just wanted to throw them up while I put on the finishing touches.  The comic is about two bird-watchers in the Redwood Forest.  It's a comedy.  If you dig what I write with Stock Footage I am positive you'll enjoy this comic.  It's twenty two pages long.

If you think you'd dig this then EMAIL ME and I will send you an invoice for your purchase.  Paypal and this website are not agreeing with each other so until I figure out an alternative route, this is the way we're playing.

Because Audubon is fully colored (b/w) and longer, I'm asking for a measly three dollars.  If you want, I'd be more than happy to include a sketch of the movie character of your choice for free.

Final Run Down:

"Love Lines #1" (through Etsy) - $2 plus shipping, free sketch of your choice (in special instructions)

Audubon (through paypal) - $3 plus shipping, free sketch of your choice (in special instructions)

If you buy both, let me know - you won't be charged for shipping twice. 

I thank you in advance if you choose to make a purchase.  If you have any questions please email me

See you on Wednesday! 

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