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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Some memories are best forgotten...

suggested by Dootsie.

This is actually one of my favorite comics.  I hope you dig it. 

OKAY I've gotten some sleep and I am now lucid.  Commentary time and I hope you don't mind indulging me this.

Dootsie, by picking this movie you brought up a lot of memories.  Good memories to be sure!  The thing about Memento is that this movie inspired me to become a filmmaker.  I had read a lot about it in Entertainment Weekly and the prospect of a film going backwards totally enraptured me.  Enthralled, even.  And when I saw it in a small art theater that showed one movie at a time (I can barely find the theater now!) something happened to me.  I think the feeling could be compared to the first time you heard a song that changed your life.  Everything just clicked.  Up until then I had been exposed to the normal three act structure, but this changed all that.  This wasn't a movie of what, but a movie of why. 

And this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Directly after the movie, I, my girlfriend at the time Sarah and my family sat at a crappy Chinese food restaurant.  My mind was buzzing.  This was it - this was what I wanted to do.  I think I even told my parents, who at the time didn't believe me.

That summer I went to sleep-away camp and Sarah and I broke up, the long distance (and lack of communication on my part) took it's toll.  When I returned that August, Brian Carroll (who has appeared in many comics and appears in this one) suggested we shoot a documentary about our band, Chopstiqs.  And it became our first movie.

That forty minute MASTERPIECE turned into a television series that Brian and I spearheaded - FreeTime.  It aired for fifteen consecutive months and every episode (running 22 minutes) was essentially three short films/skits.  And it was FUNNY.  We became mini-mini celebrities, a few kids recognized us, our high school watched the show (to make fun of us?) and some people even emailed us saying how WE inspired THEM.  It was incredible.

College crept up on me.  I had to pick a major, a focus, that would help me pick the right university for me.  I know I wanted to make movies.  Then it hit me, why not MAJOR in making movies!  These aren't the colleges of "Revenge of the Nerds"!   You can major in Art now!  So I did.

Now I'm out of college, I've made quite a few films (a few of which I'm actually proud of) and now I'm focusing on my career as a writer.  I have sincere focus and I'm happy about what I'm doing and the creativity behind it.

And it all stemmed from "Memento."

On another note, Brian and I played Halo not as a way to relinquish anger or frustration, or even to just play for fun.  We played as a way to get ideas for something - some of our best brainstorming happened while playing Hang 'm High Rockets.  In fact, we used this technique extremely recently while brain-storming for a project that...

And it seems I've said too much. 

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Tea Fougner (teaberryblue) says: I like how the beard shrinks.
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