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Stock Footage

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

suggested by Lynne Schaefer

In honor of Speed Racer coming out...last week, I'm going to do all three Matrix movies.  I apologize about not updating yesterday, I wasn't feeling too hot and thusly, I saved the comic for today.  Return tomorrow for some Reloaded action.


Yesterday was the five year anniversary of the fantastic comic <a href="">Instant Classic</a> written and directed by Brian Carroll. He has celebrated this by updating it again!  All will watch and read with amazement!

This announcement is also coupled with an announcement of my own, something that I refused to bring up until Brian did.  I will be officially co-writing Brothers Donathan (the current IC chapter) with Brian.  I am deeply honored that he wants to include me in the project and the stuff we have coming up in the comic SHOULD NOT BE MISSED.  <a href="">Bookmark</a>, fair traveler.  Bookmark.

Seriously though, these comics are coming out fantastic.  I seriously suggest you should take a look at it, even if you've never read the comics before. 

This will not interfere with Stock Footage.  I will continue to bring the funny.  Or at least, I'll deliver the funny.  Whether or not you feel the platter is cooked to your satisfaction is up to you.

In any case, I'm excited excited EXCITED to be a part of Instant Classic, for however long he wants to keep me around. 

As for the weekend, it was quiet.  We recently got a new kitten so most of the time was spent introducing him to our other cat.  We also caught Speed Racer, which was so damn fun. 


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