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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Every year Hollywood makes hundreds of movies. This is one of them.

suggested by Neil K.

I absolutely love this movie.  They finally put it on DVD (I think the last time it was released was...way too long ago) and so I picked it up.  There aren't a lot of features on it (see: any), but watching the movie was a great birthday present.

Box Brown of Bellen! was kind enough to ask me to do a guest strip for him.  You can check that out here. If you haven't read Bellen! you are doing yourself a serious disservice.  It's one of the best relationship comics out there.

I seem to have gotten a bunch of new readers so I hope you guys are enjoying what you're seeing.  I think this would be a great time to explain what I'm doing here.

You, the reader, email me with your favorite movie or movie character.  Or least favorite.  It doesn't matter, so long as it is a movie.  Then I make a comic about it. By golly, that's pretty darn easy!  I can't keep this comic going without you guys and every movie up here is 100% someone's suggestion.

Okay, 98%.

So start emailing those movies!  I don't care how obscure, recent, awful or amazing the movie is.  Try and stump me, I'll still make the comic! BWAHAHA.


Caught Indy 4 on Monday night.  I liked it as an action movie, but not as an Indiana Jones movie.  Oh well. 

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