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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Chikyû marugoto chô kessen.

suggested by my brother Dave.

This is actually a real conversation we had.  I'll put up the second half of it this weekend so you aren't bombarded with TWO DBZ comics in a row.  The conversation was just too funny not to share.

My brother was pretty into DBZ when he was younger.  And because of that, so was I.  The next comic will get more into that.

The game in question is Dragonball Z: Burst Limit, which I brought up to Dave because he actually got one of those crappy DBZ video games for my playstation way back in the day.  The kind of game where you had to purchase one of those import adapters because the game had not come out, y'know, in AMERICA.

Dave is a pretty funny guy.  I cracked up pretty hard when he said that.  You can check out his college standup here.

Don't forget to send me your movie titles and characters!

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