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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Kono yo de ichiban tsuyoi yatsu.

suggested by my brother Dave.  This is the second half of this conversation. Non Dragonball Z comics will continue on Friday.

So I finally sat down with Transformers (with the help of the always hilarious Rifftrax) and oh wow was that movie an ungodly mess. Thank god we were laughing the whole time. But seriously, when the fuck were we gonna get to the damn robots!? And why were the Autobots BUMBLING? C'mon!

Don't forget to email me your movie titles and characters!

Dave Smith (dasmith11) says:

haha money!  thanks mike!

for your information (and everyone's information, eg. nosotros information), the real dream was me kissing goku upside-down in the rain.

i now want to see transformers on rifftrax.  i somehow managed to see that movie TWICE, when i thought it was so crappy the first time.  could the writing be any worse?  oh wait, yes, go see "what happens in vegas." 

h (boxbrown) says: yes!
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