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Monday, Wednesday and Friday
A comic 65 million years in the making...

suggested by Jamie B. of the great comic Sudden Valley. Tell her I sent cha!

I wasn't planning this, but this comic is in honor of Stan Winston - the only man that could make Dinosaurs look real. 

Sorry about Monday again, it has been a rough week.  We are now 90% moved in to our new apartment and we couldn't be happier.  The place is off the hizzy!

Let me illustrate this apartment for you.  First of all, it's in Los Angeles proper, specifically Silverlake.  An excellent area, lots to do (and there's a cool lil' comic store!).  We live in the hills.  All you hear is BIRDS.  It is insanely relaxing.  Our apartment complex is built ON a hill.  When you open our apartment door, you don't come into the living room.  You actually have to go down a small flight of stairs, like a bunker.  At the bottom of the stairs, it opens up to our living room, which feels like a tree house since our entire back wall is a glass door to our small balcony.  It's a great view of Downtown.

I plan on doing a lot of drawing on that balcony.

We just need internet and we're golden!

See you Friday! 

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Dave Smith (dasmith11) says:

clever girl...


congrats on the move-in!

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