Well, I finally got a scanner and I thought "Hey! Why not make a webcomic!" so I did, and here I am.
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Ben Slotnick ||   

Ben slotnick. the man, the legend.  born in a log cabin, his mother is a cup of coffee, and his father is a large hermaphrodite with a pierced ipod glued to his cheek.  his only toy as a child was a feather he named, snuffles, ben quickly learned to walk at the tender age of 8 years old.  At 13 he was talking in compl33t sentences and it was then that he decided to move out of the log cabinn and see the big city.  Now at age 14 he sits alone working away on his computer. The story of ghostpuppet is a long and gory one.  One that starts with any story worth telling about drawings. Doodling in school!  Boring math talk.  Ben had a new pad of graph paper siting infront of me.  He writes his name in different ways.  Then he connected the n to the b and then a few more changes, and presto! Ghostpuppet was born.  He used this pad of graph paper to perfect his drawings of ghostpuppet.  He gave the drawings to his friend who made a 3D version of him using Sculpy.  Then he had the idea to make a talk show comic, with the main character being Ghostpuppet.  Thus we had "The couch".