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Yeah, so, this is the first comic. I've been drawing it for years so the art quality will be all over the place to start with. Stick with it. The drawing gets better.

        Count Von Funkenstein

Jade Rider (gogirl) says:

yes... zelda

I take your fondest regards for they are fond, and knowing my sister you must admit that i need them

this is crack-a-lakin yo XD

Jade Rider (gogirl) says:

it still looks like 'your teacher the rapist'


Jade Rider (gogirl) says:


there you go,

English is a bastard language it never says what its spelt like what orly?

Jade Rider (gogirl) says:



this is relevent to my interests and so is Will Scarlet,

this is so cool!!!!! I cannot WAIT for the next installment!!!! XD

Mr Eden (artishistory) says: This is my fave. Alliteration tickles me.
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