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Dear the only two people that probably read this comic,

this is just a filler comic i did years ago on new years. it was the only newish comic on my computer so i thought i would put it up, along with my deepest apologies and explaination for the long time of no updates.

First i took a day to recouperate from Tokyo (that place is CRAZY expecially if you come from somewhere as boring as Perth, Western Australia), and then my computer wasn't working for a few day. And then what happened? My printer/scanner messed up. But it should be fixed real soon now and some brand new comics will be up soon. And over the Autumn break i've done quite a bit of drawing, so some stuff i actually like will be gracing your screens.

 Talk to you soon,

much love,

   Count Von Funkenstein. 


oh, and the two characters on the bottom? they'll be introduced soon, i promise.

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