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akiko dragonrage (dragonrage12) says: That'll leave a mark. Great comic, i really like this one :)
Charles Melville (cpam) says: Thank you!
Artis Bend (nightfox) says: a son of a bitch? hmm some how i think that's feting XD. very nice story so far
Artis Bend (nightfox) says: Hey! its Felicia form Felicia and the sorceress' apprentice! nice guess this means that this happens in her universe only question is does it happens before or after you gets her apprentices?
Artis Bend (nightfox) says: a giant mouse trap? you got to be kidding me! LOL! that's just priceless!
David Durand (ddurand) says:

Wow, THAT'S pure fantasy : A marine being able to beat a medieval soldier hand to hand...

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