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susan lohan (susanlohan) says:

Love reading your comic. Your drawing looks great too. Wonderful work!


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Charles Melville (cpam) says: Thank you. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it. (It's gratifying to know that someone's even reading it!) The storyline is moving towards its finish now.
Artis Bend (nightfox) says: well, well, well! she finally speaks! and she is standing up for herself go Sandy go!!!
Charles Melville (cpam) says: Sandy may be a quiet individual, but she's destined to have the last word in this tale.
phil d (filty) says:

Thank you for the wonderful story Chas! It was a beautiful read. I hope you have nice holiday, and I look forward to Felicia's return!

Michael Burlake (vulpesrex) says:

Two years and ten months...

144 pages, and drawn in the traditional ways with zip-a-tone and hatching for shades...

...And definitely WORTH IT!

Congratulations on the conclusion,it was a wonderful story!  I'f it will remain up in this spot for a couple months, I'll use it as a demonstrator to others of what Anthropomorphics can be used for.

Thankyou, Charles, for one of the most interesting characters in modern Anthropomorphics, and for continuing to write and/or illustrate Felicia's adventures for us!



Michael H. Payne (m_h_payne) says:

Two years and ten months?  I read the first page of this comic back before the turn of the century! :)

Lovely stuff as always, Chuck.


Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner (tgif) says:

I just ran into this from a Project Wonderful ad.

A truely great story with great artwork.

Oldfurr (oldfurr) says:

Cool, thanks for the work.

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