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Artis Bend (nightfox) says: can't make out what the raccoon is saying in the last panel, but other then that good page :)
Charles Melville (cpam) says: You're not supposed to be able to hear him; the window muffles the sound of his voice. That's all right; you'll be able to hear him more clearly next week.
Craig Hilton (jenner) says:

I have been reading Chuck Melville for well over twenty years. He is one of the most adept story-spinners I know. The recently finished story of the apprentices was heartbreaking in its beauty, and it was a privilege to have it told to me. In the present as I have in the past, I aspire to create and unfold plots as sublimely as he does. You audience out there: Tell all your webcomic-reading friends they will not find better stories than Melville's - anywhere!   Jenner

Charles Melville (cpam) says: That's high praise indeed, coming from the creator of the DOC RAT webcomic (which I enthusiastically encourage everyone to read:; thank ye kindly, Doc!
Michael H. Payne (m_h_payne) says:

I've tried and tried:

But I can't make out the letter in the first panel here.  Could someone maybe post a transcript?


Charles Melville (cpam) says: Hmm. That balloon didn't come out too well, did it? I'll have to make and post a correction.
Charles Melville (cpam) says: There, that should be more legible. Bad planning on my part -- I tried to cram too much dialogue into that space, used a script typeface for the letter and then tried to shrink it to make it fit. Not very smart. I'll know better next time.
Michael H. Payne (m_h_payne) says:

This works quite well now.  Thanks!

Mike Again

Craig Hilton (jenner) says:

That look on Felicia's face spells trouble.

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