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Felicia cla di Burrows. A sorceress with a mysterious past, unaligned with either the forces of Light or Darkness, but prefers to tread her own path. Her current tale takes place during the early days of her career, after having been missing for several months and possessing a flair for magic where once she had no affinity whatever. She desires respect and acceptance from her peers in the Magi Councils, but not if it will prevent her from obtaining her goals... among these, revenge upon the ones who destroyed her family.
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Read more of Felicia's adventures... ongoing comic stories in current issues of Furrlough from Radio Comix,and prose stories available in novelettes and the big collection, The Vixen Sorceress.  Plus, the original Graphic Novel from MU Press, Melari's Wish. And now, the collected The Sorceress' Apprentice and issues of Felicia: Sorceress Of Katara, available from IndyPlanet, .

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