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Started out with a self-published comic many years ago, did some fanzine stuff and went on to work for a small indy publisher, MU Press, during the ‘90’s as an editor, writer, artist, production guy and a bunch of other things.  Edited titles such as The Furkindred, CyberKitties, Fangs Of K’aath, Rhudiprrt, Frontiers, and ZU.  Also wrote and/or drew various stories for some of the above, as well as my own graphic novel, Felicia: Melari's Wish.

Currently working on a few personal projects, which includes the webcomics posted here.  I also do some prose works and have self-published a few novellas featuring Felicia (available through CafePress), one of which won the 2004 Ursa Major award for Best Anthropomorphic Short Story.  I also have a collection of the short stories in a single volume, The Vixen Sorceress, available through

There’s a little more info on me over on Wiki

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