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I bought and played Mirror's Edge recently for the PS3. I've finished the game and aside from being short, at times frustrating and with little to unlock, I enjoyed it. I especially liked the parkour movements combined with the "true" first person perspective. I noticed that parkour and free running is becoming very popular nowadays, especially in the online world. I also love how people try to practice parkour with little to no training beforehand while recording themselves doing it, and then end up with results... like so.

With this comic in particular I really enjoyed making it. I was listening to the song "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskovsky, and like Mirror's Edge, I decided to make this comic from a first person perspective. I also enjoyed playing with the lighting, and how the scenary/setting of this comic is so clean, just like the environment of Mirror's Edge. 

I had fun with this. A lot of fun. I hope you have fun looking at it.

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