HEROES UNITE---the FIRST webcomic JLA/AVENGERS type grouping out there of individual webcomic comic strip superheroes, all on the same team, but in THEIR case, all also sharing the same world. (As opposed to our group of prima donnas...) So far, strictly Drunk Duck heroes.

GAMING GUARDIANS---one of the oldest superhero "team" comics, and one of the more delightful.

MAGELLAN---a superhero training academy for lovers of the Legion and the X-Men.

EVIL INC---A highly entertaining superVILLAIN corporation. Lightning Lady can shock me anytime


EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED--not a costumed supervillain group, but a villainous one that tried to take over numerous parallel universes, so they certainly qualify.

SOUTHERN SQUADRON--an Australian superteam.

OLYMPIANS---A British superteam, sort of if John Cleese ran the Avengers.

METADAWN---a star-spanning superhero grouping.

THE VANGUARD--a far-future team of superheroes defending the Galactic Union.



SPARKLING GENERATION VALKYRIE YUUKI--a boy who's a fan of "magical girl" series gets turned into a Valkyrie...and yes, a female Valkyrie. (Are there any other kinds?) Entertaining, and yet in some ways more true to Norse mythology than Marvel's Thor...

HERO BY NIGHT---one of the most popular super-heroes on the Web, and the original joined several groups. I especially like the Secret Society of Shadows, a trans-dimensional group of mystics.

SPECIAL SCHOOL---a school for superheroes where the students actually act more or less like real students...albeit with superhuman powers.

FLICKERFLAME---Suppose you gained superhuman powers, and joined a group of superhumans...only found out too late it wasn't the Super Friends---it was the Legion of Doom? By the author of MINDMISTRESS.



PILLARS OF FAITH---a spin-off of the Buffyverse, about Faith the Slayer. It no longer seems to be updating, alas---but the creator worked with us a lot in the early parts of the story, and he deserves a hand for a lot of the suggestions and design work he did.

ENERGIZE AND DASIEN ---an upcoming team-up between our Das and one of the better Drunk Duck heroes, Energize!



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