Since this storylines "crosses over" between many realities, we thought it might be good to say who lives where, and why. Earth-1, Earth-2 being done (besides, it's not just Earth, but whole realities being differentiated here) we decided to go with mythic naming.


REALITY: APOLLO---Lightbringer's home reality.

REALITY: ARTEMIS---Mechamagical Girl Lisa A.N.T.'s home reality.

REALITY: DEMETER--The Green Avenger's home reality.

REALITY:HERCULES--Dasien's home reality.


REALITY: PROMETHEUS---Mindmistress' home reality.

REALITY: CHRONOS---home reality of the Smiling Man.


REALITY: MAGELLAN: Home of Force Magellan, a reality that has had superheroes for decades. Their adventures are chronicled by Xmung here at MAGELLAN. Mindmistress has contacts among them, and tutors Rochelle Kwan, a superintelligent cadet, as shown here in RECREATIONAL ACTS OF THE SMART AND BRAINY

REALITY TYPHON: Home of EVIL INC. and GREYSTONE INN. Has a long history of superheroes and supervillains, going back generations.

REALITY: GANYMEDE ---the home reality to FANS, COLLEGE ROOMIES FROM HELL and NARBONIC. FANS and CRFH! crossed over twice, here and here. Shanna Cochran of FANS guest-starrred in NARBONIC here, against her will, and FANS fought Dr. Helen "Alpha" Narbon, the original of the clone "Beta" who is the heroine of NARBONIC. CRFH had a crossover with LIFE AT BAYSIDE and JOE AVERAGE as shown here. LIFE AT BAYSIDE teamed up with HOSERS here in this crossover. Which is interesting because you can demonstrate that GPF operates in the same reality as HOSERS thanks to this crossover, and HELP DESK thanks to this crossover, and ABSURD NOTIONS thanks to this crossover. GPF did an interdimensional crossover with FUNNY FARM in this crossover and with Kevin and Kell (see below) at this interdimensional crossover. (Of interest is that GPF's reality is watched over by an interdimensional entity known as the Gamester, and his intern, Mischief, as first shown here.) Trudy of GPF is cousin to Gwynn of SLUGGY FREELANCE according to this this page of GPF, and Ki of GPF tried to join Ayre's corporation (from Sluggy Freelance) in this page. Since Riff from SLUGGY FREELANCE and Nick from GPF are in the same reality, no wonder the Gamester needs to keep close watch on it for interdimensional crossovers. (To say nothing of FANS...) Torg from SLUGGY FRIENDLY worked for USER FRIENDLY's company for several strips, starting with this one.

REALITY: TYCHE--also known as the Primary System, at least "primary" to the GAMING GUARDIANS, a superteam which operates out of that reality. The Gaming Guardians often work to help other realities, primarily ones that seem to be created or influenced by various gaming systems.

REALITY: SYSIPHUS---we're really not sure if this is a seperate reality or happens within one of the others. Still, we know that SOMETHING POSITIVE, QUEEN OF WANDS and SCANDAL SHEET all happen in the same reality. There are hints that Bun-Bun from Sluggy Freelance was once owned by Aubrey, but Bun-Bun's origins are so uncertain, that we don't feel justified in saying they are definitely in the same reality. Besides, Bun-Bun gets around....he's travelled between dimensions before.

REALITY: TALOS --again, possibly in one of the others...nevertheless, you can demonstrate that APPLEGEEKS, MEGATOKYO, CTRL-ALT-DEL and QUESTIONABLE CONTENT all exist in the same reality. Applegeeks' Hawk and CAD's Ethan both appear here, and Hawk and Megatokyo's Ping and Yeo both appear here. Hawk also appears with QUESTIONABLE CONTENT's Pintsize here. This QUESTIONABLE CONTENT strip with Clango from DIESEL SWEETIES may indicate DIESEL SWEETIES happens in the same reality.

REALITY: MORPHEUS--the home reality of PARALLEL DEMENTIA. A huge monopoly/corporation called Uni-Corp was the world's most influential and widespread corporation. When Y2K happened, they suffered an explosion, decimating their headquarters and effectively destroying the corporation, causing a worldwide recession. They did more---that explosion damaged the fabric of reality. On that world, at least, dreams gave glimpses of another reality, but before the explosion, it required mass belief to bring one of the beings outside of reaity, who wished to prey on reality, into theirs. After the explosion---something as simple as a dream could bring them in. The Templar organzation was formed to battle such beings. (The weakened fabric of Reality: Morpheus' reality may explain why so many cameos happen there, with no real rhyme or reason.)

REALITY: NEPHELE--a "mirror universe" of Reality: Ganymede, in it Nick of GPF's "Nega" self became a ruthless dictator, and various Nega-selves of the GPF crew had major roles. The storyline that introduced it is TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE and our first glimpse of that reality is here.

REALITY: HEPHAESTUS ---also known as the "Dimension of Lame", first shown here. Also a "mirror universe" of Reality: Ganymede, it has alternative versions of much of the cast of Sluggy Freelance, and presumably other inhabitants of Reality: Ganymede. There is no beer (the process of fermentation is unknown to Alt-Riff), as well as no sugar, salt, and very few foods other than rice cakes. New to evil, they call it "rather nice" in opposition to "extremely wonderful". All cussing's censored out by a "beep" noise. This reality's Bun-Bun is helpful but naive, for instance.

REALITY: CHIRON---home of many super-beings, including the government sponsored school featured in SPECIAL SCHOOL.

REALITY: BRUNHILDE---home reality of SPARKLING GENERATION VALKYRIE YUUKI---in this reality, the Norse gods are real and meddle with human affairs.

REALITY: NYX: The home reality of HERO BY NIGHT and his ally, Dr. Nowhere, as well as one place the Secret Society of Shadows operates out of. Evidently he's made at least one trip to Reality: Hercules.

REALITY: CHRYSOMALLOS ---the reality the original Ram operated out of. Halfway between the more human worlds and the "furryverses" mentioned below, a sizable minority of the population are animal-like.

REALITY: STEROPES ---the reality of POINT GUARDIAN including ULtra, his team the Icons, etc.

REALITY: NARCISSUS--the home reality of BAD GUY HIGH with Superdan, Evan, Captain DC, Superpowergirl, and many other deligthful characters.

REALITY: AGAMEMNON: The home reality of KILLROY AND TINA. Its history differed signaficantly from many Earths'---for instance, in the early years of the twenty-first century, the American President was Jesse Ventura, and much of the reality was protected by a powerful entity called the Fulcrum, a successive post maintained by many entities, who maintained the balance in their universe.

REALITY: HYPERBOREA: The home reality of FLICKERFLAME and the group he's part of, the NEXT LEVEL.

REALITY: ATHENA: The home reality of GIRL GENIUS, a gaslamp fantasy reality that shares some characteristics with the next group... (There are indications that Gunnerkrigg Court and Dominic Deegan, both able to span dimensions, may have toeholds in Mechanicsburg, although originating in their own separate realities. Other references, such as Devil's Panties Lingerie shops, seem to be either in-jokes or transdimensional duplicates.)



REALITY: ALFHEIM---the home reality of ELF LIFE and ALFHEIM.




REALITY: PYLEA ---the home reality of TALES OF PYLEA.


REALITY: 403 ZONE---the reality in which the EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED had their headquarters.

REALITY: OTHERSPACE---the reality in which the ACCIDENTAL CENTAURS were drawn. Human forms get transformed into half-animal hybrids. Run by near omnipotent beings called the W!RXN. (And yes, if it weren't already named Otherspace, I would have named it Reality: Chiron.) It's unsure which of the parallel worlds the humans are drawn from. Probably the same one the Wotch comes from, but I'm looking through the Wotch's archives to see if she is perhaps from Reality: Prometheus where Zebra Girl is, or in her own reality---Reality: Hectate, perhaps? True, she joined in the magi-net in Zebra Girl with Mindmistress and Chelsea Chattan from CLAN OF THE CATS, but given her ability to move between dimensions and her mystical sensibilities (as well as Zebra Girl and her mystic friend-she-often-sets-afire ability to travel between dimensions, ditto) it's still a matter of patient research at present, nothing is sure. I'm trying to get a final ruling from the author of the Wotch.

REALITY: GENIEWORLD--the reality that Lenny from the ACCIDENTAL CENTAURS is drawn from, as well. as Ishturru, Arbedenab, and other genies from THE WOTCH.


REALITY: NYX--the reality ruled by the Wotch's arch-enemy, Melleck Xaos, with the aide of his right-hand man, Kohain Ravine, and home to many others. Home of the now-destroyed Kalimundi empire.



REALITY: DOMAIN---the reality that KEVIN AND KELL operates out of. It appears to be a varient timeline from an Earth in one of the other realities, according to this strip, although we're not sure which Earth from which reality.

REALITY: MELAMPUS ---the reality of Sam Sprinkles, Zebra Girl's humanoid rabbit friend. For a while taken over by the human nutcase named Tool. The story of that reality is chronicled starting here.

REALITY: EPIMETHEUS---the reality of FUNNY FARM, CLASS MENAGERIE (Funny Farm met Class Menagerie here) and SUBURBAN JUNGLE. (Two of the characters in SUBURBAN JUNDGLE and CLASS MENAGERIE are related, as shown in the crossover starting here.) NEWSHOUNDS should also be included, since they crossed over with CLASS MENAGERIE starting here.

REALITY: PEGASUS ---the reality of SUPERMEGATOPIA, home of (if female, unusually buxom) superfurries, and incidentally, Kiwi capital of their world. Was visited by the Gaming Guardians to fight the menace of Ragnaraccoon. Also of interest are the CONTINUITY POLICE.


REALITY: TRYSLMAISTAN--the home of UNICORN JELLY. Of particular interest is the MULTIVERSAL CATALOG of Tryslmaistan, which catalogs many types of universes---many of the universes above are "mundis" universes like our own. Tryslmaistan is an "aeryx". Some of the fantasy, magic-oriented universes may be "arcaynia" or "khex". A fascinating work.


THE DIMENSION OF PAIN--Fans recently related an encounter with the Dimension of Pain here. Of course, Psychosis and the Dimension of Pain first appeared in SLUGGY FREELANCE in this sequence.

THE VOID ---a place of demonic activity---home to the evil "god" Greed and the demon Timothy of PARALLEL DEMENTIA.


Though many entities travel between the realities, there are some entities and organizations that specifically have no "home" reality and watch after the multiverse/metaverse. The Gamester and Mischief, mentioned in REALITY: GANYMEDE, watch after several realities, and evidently report to a TRANS-DIMENSIONAL COUNCIL. Other members of the Entities that the Gamester and Mischief are part of include Justice and the murderous Pandemonium. In addition, a Celestial Nursury where universes await to be "born" is shown.

JENNY EVERYWHERE goes from reality to reality, and time to time.

EVIL OVERLORDS UNITED was a cross-continuum group which, under the Editor, was trying to conquer many realities. It got broken up in the end of the Crossover Wars.

Scale of CAMEOCOMIC travels between many realities.

S.M.O.G.---the Semi-Mystical Otherworldly Gate Corporation-- is an interdimensional consortium that outfits transdimensional "gates" for profit. It's origin is given here and its key role in the Crossover Wars is shown here and its new headquarters are shown here.

Many thanks to the WEBCOMIC CROSSOVER & CAMEO ARCHIVE whose hard work made this page possible.










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