Late! Late! Late! But don't worry too much about that, gang, because if you want to get an actual episode for this week, just jump on over to our Comic Genesis mirror and check it out. Seems I uploaded it a while ago and forgot that we had to postpone some pages. Oops!

By the way, I'll be posting that page on Drunk Duck on FRIDAY, so when you come back later this week, just act surprised, as if you'd never seen it before, okay?

Now then, today's comic is very special, especially if you're an old school comic book fan. And if your name happens to be Hogan, and you run a webcomic crossover and cameo archive, today's page is designed specifically to make you cry. (Just kidding, Hogan. ...maybe.)

I'm sure you can spot the very Crisis-like influence, and if not, I'll be sure to spill the beans later, when I add some additional notes for this page.

Speaking of additional notes, I'll be coming back tomorrow with the official list of everyone you see in today's page. In the meantime, you're free to identify any characters you may recognize! One is given away by the legal notice, so don't waste your time pointing out the alternate Jenny Everywhere appearing on this page.

And yes, we got permission from EVERYONE whose characters appear on this page. EVERYONE. Including two of my personal idols, at whom I threw myself in a very fangirly way, just to get their characters on here. (Hint: Not all the characters here are webcomic characters!)

Also, notice who's NOT here. Energize! There's actually a very good reason for that. This story takes place during the point in time where Energize would be a fugitive.

So, that's all you need to know for now. Happy guessing!  --Neil


(Later update)

Okay! Time to make Hogan cry for mercy! I've been looking forward to posting this page for some time, and that day is finally here.

So, if you're really into webcomics... and I mean REALLY into them, then this is the page for you. Can you identify some of these webcomic stars? If so, then how many? This page is packed-packed-PACKED with heroes, and some of them are from webcomics that have long since ended. Heck, SOME of them aren't even webcomics. There's at least one print comic star here, although many, many of these heroes are the creations of respected comic artists. Two characters on this page are even the creationists of two of my biggest artistic heroes, at whom I threw myself in a very fangirly way just to beg them to loan their characters to The Crossoverlord!

Well, I promised a cheat sheet, so if you really want to spoil it for yourself (or if you just don't know who any of these characters are), then fret not, for here is the complete list.

Top Row
·Zebra Girl, created by Joseph England
·Azumorph, created by AzuJOD, of Heroes Unite
·Nebulon of Secret Adventure, created by LegacyHero
·Acrobat, created by literacysuks1
·Butterfly, created by Dean Trippe
·La Gata of Secret Adventure, created by LegacyHero
·Kit Ballard of Blade Kitten, created by Space Captain Steve
·Dangermoth, created by Noelle Dreves
·Pulsar Pureheart, created by Dangerman-1973
·Tadashi of Culture Shock, created by Reed Hawker
·Alec of Culture Shock, created by Reed Hawker
·Mike of The Gods Of Arr-Kelaan, created by Chuck Rowles

Second Row:
·Empowered, created by Adam Warren
·Epoch of Magellan, created by Stephen Crowley
·Jenny Everywhere of The Shifter Archives
·The mysterious hero from the cover of Dasien Chapter 5, created by moi
·Flickerflame, by Al Schroeder
·The Blue Beacon, created by BlueBeacon, of Heroes Unite
·Comet Kid, created by Joshua Florence
·Wonderella, created by Justin Pierce
·Superhawke, created by Dangerman-1973
·HU Commander, created by Nepath, of Heroes Unite
·Bombshell, created by Abt_Nihil
·Ultra of Point Guardian, created by Ben Carver
·Victory, created by Chris V.

Bottom Row:
·Gollum of The Repository of Dangerous Things, created by Amanda Hardy
·Daisy Mae, created by Michael Powers
·Killroy of Killroy & Tina, created by Justin Pierce
·Rochelle of Magellan, created by Stephen Crowley
·Dr. McNinja, created by Chris Hastings
·Captain Spectacular of Super Fogeys, created by Brock Heasley
·Audioman of Adventures In Audioland, created by Mike Dyer


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