Hasben and Hash

Hasben and Hash #4 "Chess Or Pest"     (http://www.webcomicsnation.oom/croxtonhas)
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L. Nelson (carats29) says:

Mr. Croxton:

What a witty, enthralling comic. I wish you and your comic infinite success.

L. Nelson 

Angela Nelson (rain8111) says: I have been reading your comic every since you have started. Each time I have enjoyed reading. You get better each time. The color's great man! Looking forward to your next.
Angela Nelson (rain8111) says: Great job, smart and funny
L. Nelson (carats29) says: Purely delightful
G.R. Locke (g-r-locke) says: DIG YOUR ARTWOK MAN
Angela Nelson (rain8111) says: THIS IS CLEVER AND FUNNY.
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