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I am an embittered ex-graphic designer with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) who turned aspiring writer. I enjoy video games, reading DC comics, cats, goth music (no, not that vampire, heavy metal or S&M crap) and its various subgenres.
When I got tired of dealing with clueless HTML clients and white collar clients who didn't know what they wanted for their pages, got burnt out from graphic design and putzed about a bit. "Finding myself" as it were.

One day, I saw a TV ad for New York University's School of Continuing & Professional Studies (Paul McGhee Division). A school at NYU for adult students. Right then and there, I decided to reinvent my career and get back into the writing game. I got back into comics last summer and have rekindled my love of that wonderful medium. Specifically DC. From there, I bought back issues of pulp novels and comics etc.

The rest is history

I decided to try my hand at writing pulp novels and comics but what? Someone new and original. I spent 3 weeks doing research on colors, names, stories and the like. Nothing worked. Nothing seemed dramatic. But 3 things kept nagging at me. The word "phantom" and the colors red & black.

Finally on June 15th, the Red Phantom was born.

I'm working on a series of stories set in NYC from the 1930s to the early 50s about a masked man. Those who are fans of pulp heroes and mystery men will like this.

The Red Phantom is a pastiche of elements from Hellboy, the Shadow, the Spirit and a less than a smidge of Batman. Just w/o the angst of course. The Red Phantom may have a violent streak in him but he isn't tormented or paranoid like the Dark Knight.

So to sum it up... it's a mix of horror, suit & tie masked men, and potboiler noir stories. Oh and enough super science to choke out Johnny Quest and Flash Gordon!