Three People Get It

A Few Times Per Week

This comic came from an idea I had in a meeing at work.  We had two projects going, one called EMS and one called ENS.  Naturally, any time one was mentioned, the follow up question, "is that e M s or e N s" would happen.  Soon, people remembered the radio alphabet, and would say "is that Mike or November", but then Mike would always say, "it's not me!" and people would say, "November, I thought this was due in April" and other such hilarity.

So, just to be me, when the opportunity presented itself, and someone started talking about one of the EMS/ENS projects, I said,

"is that M as in, 'mnemonic' or N as in, 'damn'?"

(yes, having the "N" at the end of the word isn't right, but the joke worked.)

The confused look I got from half the room was worth it.

I am not invited to meetings any more.

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