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This is how many of my comic ideas start out.  I have an idea, I draw it up on a whiteboard right outside my office (it's huge, probably 8 feet wide by 4 feet high) and the guys who work nearby comment on it and it grows.

For the life of me, I could not figure out how to draw the puppies on the computer, so I gave up (for now) and am just posting the photograph I took of my whiteboard.

This idea came to me when driving around the neighborhood last week.  I saw a "lab puppies" sign, and (although I've seen them hundreds of times in my life) this one brough the image of Igor to mind, and I knew I had a strip.  It's hard to draw creepy stick-puppies, though.

The comic appears so white because I took the photo, imported it into Corel PhotoPaint, and cranked up the brightness, contrast, and intensity so you don't see the erasermarks and stuff in the final image.  I left the portion of text in the upper-left corner to remind me that it was a photo of my whiteboard.

I added the comic name, the "B.Monroe" and my sig in CorelPhotoPaint.  Those were *not* on the board.

Here is the original photo (a little shrunk down), like you care.

Original Lab Pet COmic


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