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Since I work in security, I wanted a comic which I could put on people's screens when they leave them unlocked.  The idea is to make it a simple url ( which I could type quickly and then make my getaway.  Since many of my other strips are NSFW, I might need to put this picture on Imgur or something, so people don't start browsing through at work...

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

So many questions have been rattlin' around my head on this one, though I may have figured the first one out...

1. Why do you have hair and no beard ion the first five panels? I finally decided it wasn't you, but another random co-worker?

2. Is that your son that you're telling the story to? The one who likes Hobbits? <G> are you passing on a life lesson there?

3. The title of the strip seems fairly ominous. New directions? And...

4. I'm sure, in the interest of realism, you heavily thumbnailed a real site. No question, really, I'm just happy to say I have no idea what it is. <Smile>

Finally, as always, there's no question at all that the strip is bark laugh funny. I enjoy reading them.

Brian Monroe (cryptoknight) says:

Hmmm, you are most observant.  lemme address your questions thusly:

1. Originally, it WAS me in all frames, but in the end I decided to make it a coworker, and then have me (the security guy) only at the end referring to the "incident".  Good Call.

2. That's another coworker.  Note the tie.  Damn, he does look a  bit short, though.  Both my boys are now taller thanme, so...

3. Across the ages, when someone leaves their PC unlocked, one of the first things a coworker does is to send an email to the boss (and CC the department) stating something to the effect of "Dear Boss, I quit".

4. I shouldn't admit this, but it's a bunch of safe-for-work images put together in such a way as to look bad in a thumbnail.  Okay, the fat chick in the thong wasn't quite SFW, but you get the idea.

Thanks for the praise.  Sicko.

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Sicko? Wow, I'm glad I didn't share all my rake jokes from the other day.<grin>

Jonathon Barton (jonathonbarton) says:

My personal favorte (because it's easy to remember)...

I managed to spring that one on You Know Who (Tall, Ginger, Dutch) once...


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