Three People Get It

A Few Times Per Week

Here it is.  This one's for you, "Ricky".  Barb rejected it, and I had a half-dozen people at work review it and finally the Chamnites chimed in (as the only people who are qualified in this matter) and told me that you should be fine with it, though "puss" was still a little questionable.

Go watch Iron Man 3, and you'll get the joke even more.  I'd say "get well," but it's probably more appropriate to say "do what you need to do, we are there with you."


Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Ha! Has anyone (I mean, other than Barb, obviously) told you lately how awesome you are! My doctor is ex-Army, and was in an IED blast. Very sympathetic to all my symptoms... And said only a 'slight' variation of the last panel to me. 

Nairb Ekceir (ekceirb) says:

Are you sure you're not a doctor?

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